how We Serve

We prioritize  Dayton's Bluff in  4 ways:

1. We are all  apart of the redemptive plan of Jesus and we all need to know about it.

2. God uses families more than buildings. So we focus on all families no matter how they look.

3. God feeds his people and we fight to end everyday hunger.

4. We believe life happens through discipleship and community.

Our Ministries

We serve our families in these various ministries

  • Love My Hood Dayton's Bluff

    We really love Dayton's Bluff and we serve our neighborhood through these projects. People might call this outreach but we call it service because we are serving our neighbors by loving them.

  • faith  City Kids

    We believe in empowering and encouraging our kids. We have space for you and your kids! We will always have a space for you to trust  us with your kids every Sunday.

  • Disciple-Making

    Our priority as a church is for you to  live out a mature christian life sharing with those who live around you. We offer many opportunities for you to be equipped as a saint to reach Dayton's Bluff.

  • Missions

    We believe in the concept of being sent! We understand that life sends you places and it is our job as a church to prepare to be sent to your neighbors and to the world. We will offer opportunities for others to engage in our lives and us in theirs.