Dinner Church

Every Neighborhood needs a time and place to come together. This is especially true in the times we are living in. What better way than around a warm meal with neighbors and friends. Each week in Dayton's Bluff we are inviting our neighbors to our table all ages and ethnicites. This is a chance to gather in rich diverse community Dayton's Bluff is so well know for. 

We have two designs for Dinner Church or Community Meals: 

First is an environment of laughter and joy.while enjoying a meal around a table

Second is we share a soul stirring story of Jesus that can fuel conversation around the table.

Our church is a more than just a place to go or an event to attend; we are a community of people who have been changed by the love of God and want to change our community in response. It's our desire to make known the good news of God's love within our own congregation as well as outside the walls in our community. Following the model of Jesus, it's the heart of our church to love those around us by meeting their needs, sharing our lives, and offering them the life-changing grace of the Christian faith. We believe that it's the gospel of Christ that truly changes people, and those people are the ones who change the world. We would love to welcome you into our community and walk alongside you to serve those around us in the name of Jesus.

Who we Are